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Brushwood The Natural Fencing Option

Brushwood fencing is a natural fencing option to enhance your garden setting. Brush fencing benefits your garden by:

  • being a non-reflective product, so consequently meaning you can plant all the way up to the fence without risk of reflective sunlight burning your precious plants. 
  • allowing air to pass through it, this therefore reduces the risks of wind blowing the fence over, and in the heat of summer if the panels are wet down it will work as an outdoor air conditioning system providing relief from the heat.
  • reducing noise from your neighbours or road traffic, because the panels work as a type of insulation and absorb noise it will make your yard a pleasant area to relax. 
  • being pliable enough to be raked on sloping sites, as a result of this it means that unlike other fencing options you can design your fence without harsh step down lines.
  • creating a feature or blending into the setting whichever you choose. Therefore unlike other fencing options, natural brushwood products can blend into your setting and allow your garden to be the feature. Alternatively if you want a feature, because brushwood panels can have cutouts made in them allowing for window features or have features added to the cutout like planter boxes or feature screens this creates a perfect alternative. 

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