The Bowman Brush Product Range

Modern, stylish and sustainable

Our Brushwood Fence Panels

Bowman Brush has developed a wide variety of brushwood fence panels beyond the traditional-style fence. The range includes cut outs, scalloping, and gates, along with the innovative use of composite materials including steel capping, framing and decorative art features.

Bowman Brush options include:

  • Customised brushwood fence panels for domestic applications through to large-scale developments.
  • Brushwood panel screens to cover existing fencing or smaller installations.
  • DIY brushwood panel and screen kits.
  • Brushwood compressed logs for river and erosion control.

How to buy Bowman Brush Fence Panels and products

Commercial Projects

Bowman Brush works with landscape architects, local governments and other large-scale project developers
to design and supply fencing solutions. From new estates through to public open spaces, a tailored product can be developed for your project’s requirements.

Installation Partners

When you need expert assistance in erecting your fence, Bowman Brush has a range of authorised installers that you can trust to complete your fencing project. Bowman Brush installers are listed below. Interested in becoming an installer? Get in touch.


The Bowman Brush range of fence panels is available through distributors across Australia, ready to install in your next landscaping project. Bowman Brush distributors are listed below. Interested in becoming a distributor? Get in touch.

DIY Projects

For residential and small commercial projects where you’d like to DIY, Bowman Brush offer standard brushwood fencing kits as well as a complimentary service to assist you in creating a customised plan for tricky spaces or unique design.

More than just brushwood fencing, we offer expertise and advice

Solution Development

Our experienced team provides complimentary solution-focussed services to help our clients develop fencing projects that create modern landscaping styles and address the needs of the site.

Installation Support

Bowman Brush Fence Panels come with detailed installation guides and the team is always on hand to give advice on the best way to erect the panels selected.

Maintenance Advice

Correctly installed, Brushwood fences are generally low maintenance. Brushwood fencing is a long-term investment and Bowman Brush Fence Panels come with a guide to help you keep your fencing looking fresh for many years.

Interested in our product range? Let’s discuss your needs.

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